vineri, 7 noiembrie 2008

When men had balls and women had nothing against it

Deunazi am primit cadou acest album (multumesc din nou, draga Laura). Fiind un iubitor de frumos, in general, si un admirator al artei pin-up, in special, am fost, evident, mai mult decat incantat.

Rasfoindu-l, am dat peste cateva pasaje, foarte amuzante de altfel, care mi-au dezvaluit cate ceva despre modul in care se punea problema acum cateva zeci bune de ani.

Care problema? Stie ea care!
Asadar, iata ce trimiteau cititoarele revistei "Titter" - "America's Merriest Magazine" pe adresa redactiei , in perioada interbelica:

"Dear Editor,
Baby Lake is right! I could never love a man who didn't take me across his knee and soundly spank me when I need it (which is often). My husbant not only takes the hairbrush to me now - but he did when he was courting me. That's his privilege. It's very painful, because my hubby is thorough and he leaves no protection on my seat of learning when he spanks me, but I recognize his right to wield a hairbrush, strap, or any other corrective implement where it will do me the most good. I'm married to a MAN, and he takes no nonsense from me." - Mrs. Charles L. M., Chicago, Illinois.

"Dear Editor,

I don't understand your American girls. When I was a tiny tot my Mother spanked me with her palm. Later Mummy and Daddy slippered me or hairbrushed me - and jolly hard too. In school all of us girls were soundly birched on our panties when we were naughty. [...] OF COURSE women must be punished. I guess I'll never understand American women - nor American men if they don't assert their right to chastise their women!" - Pamela B. T. L., Toronto.

Nu cred ca mai sunt necesare comentarii.

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Adi spunea...

"their right to chastise their women"????? si eu care credeam ca centura de castitate a dispatrut in Evul Mediu. Acum... eu stiu la ce te referi tu cand spui ca esti de acord cu ele (cred) si nu cred ca ti-ai trage nevasta pe genunchi si i-ai arde una la fund ca nu a incalzit suficient ciorba, decat daca asta-i preludiul la voi :P

Night Elf spunea...

Ai perfecta dreptate, n-as trage-o pe genunchi :)

Adi spunea...

Da? tell

dust spunea...

nice.... si eu sunt fan pin-up!

Night Elf spunea...

@dust: doar cine n-a auzit de ele nu e fan! Bun venit!